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About Us

Ontime Websites are different from almost all other website businesses. Our way of thinking is to treat other people the way we would like to be treated. This is demonstrated with our Website Design Guarantees to businesses. We would rather risk losing financially than try to force a business to take a website that they are not content with. We aim to build up a long term relationship with our customers based on providing an excellent service at a fraction of the cost that can be obtained elsewhere. It is also our policy not to build any website or e-commerce package for any site that is profane, blasphemous, racist, pornographic, offensive nor shall we build any adult site.


We appreciate that the reason that businesses want a website or e-commerce package is to make money and that is what we aim to do for them. We are a small business ourselves and every time we spend money we expect a good return on that money. Technically, we are expert in small businesses, HTML, SQL, Java Programming, JavaScript,and e-commerce financial transactions as well as other disciplines. We guarantee that your website or e-commerce package will be built by someone with at least an Honours Degree in a computing discipline.


Ontime Websites can produce you a guaranteed quality website at a very reasonable price. We can also optimize it for you and submit it to as many search engines and directories as you can afford. We can get you on the front page of the various Search Engines, at an additional cost to our standard service, and thereby attract many visitors to your site. Of course, this is what we will be advising you on if you give us a call. We would suggest that marketing a website is of the utmost importance but for your business to succeed, having a good website and marketing, may well not be enough. You also need a product or service that there is an ongoing demand for and you have to provide it at a quality and price that is competitive. If you can't do that our opinion would respectfully be that you would be better to consider other options.

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