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To help our potential customers we have installed Access Keys on all the navigation bars on this website.

Different web browsers have different ways of using Access Keys. At the moment, a majority of surfers are using Internet Explorer browsers to browse the web. Consequently, we've listed below how to use access keys with some of the most popular Internet Explorer versions:

  • Internet Explorer 4: while holding down 'Alt' select the access key to be taken directly to the page
  • Internet Explorer 5+ (Macintosh): while holding down 'Ctrl' select the access key
  • Internet Explorer 5+: while holding down 'Alt' select the access key and press Return
Key Takes You To
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2 Website Design Home
3 Website Marketing
4 Website Design Maintenance
5 Website Design Hosting
6 Website Design Prices
7 E-Commerce
8 Shopping Cart
9 Contact Us
a Website Design Styles
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c About Us
d Website Design Guarantee
e Website Design Terms
f Accessibility
g Legal
h webmaster
i Go Button
j Stop Button
k Visit Online Store
m Website Accessibility Services

Another feature that we have designed into the website for our potential customers is the ability to make all the text either bigger or smaller to suit the users vision. To use this feature on Internet Explorer simply:

  1. Left click the "View" dropdown menu that is at the top of the page.
  2. Left click the "Text Size" item.
  3. Left click either "smallest, smaller, medium, larger or largest" Doing this will change the text size to that which was selected in step 3.

Level A conformance icon, 
	           W3C-WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0

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