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E-Commerce Services

Go Amazing Guarantee, if your not satisfied with your storefront, you don't pay for it. Stop
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We at Ontime Websites specialize in helping small to medium size businesses by offering affordable e-commerce packages and services that can get you trading online quickly with relatively low costs and a guaranteed quality product. To trade online so that people can buy your goods and services you need :-

  • a storefront  (like ours for example)
  • a hosting facility (supplied as part of our e-commerce package)

You will also need a a payment processor and internet merchant account. We advise you to use WorldPay our affiliate partners, part of The Royal Bank of Scotland. Our no payment guarantee does not cover these 3rd Party Services.

E-Commerce Package:-

We provide storefronts as part of our e-commerce package. We provide storefronts from £149 or 12 payments of £14.99. These storefronts can hold up to 20,000 products. There is a one off £69.99 installation fee. To qualify for this package you must host the store with us. Hosting is from an additional £139 per year or £13.99 per month. The hosting includes 2 email accounts with many extras.

We strongly recommend WorldPay who are part of the Royal Bank of Scotland to act as your payment processor and Internet Merchant Account(IMA) provider. 3 good reasons for choosing WorldPay are :-

  • Customer trust in the Royal Bank of Scotland
  • they can provide both payment processing and an IMA reducing the number of individual links in your system
  • they offer excellent features and their prices are very reasonable

Visit our Online Store to see what type of store you could quickly have to promote your Services and/or Products. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with your store that, in the unlikely event that you are not happy with it, then you pay us (OntimeWebsites) nothing at all. Of course, in that very unlikely event you don't get to keep the store or the hosting facilities on our servers. We are not a bank or payment processor and if you make agreements with any bank or payment processor then that is obviously outside the scope of our E-Commerce Package guarantee.

Visit our Shopping Cart page for full details of the excellent features that are included in our Shopping Cart. For example, you can sell up to 20,000 products.

Telephone 00356 2158 1320 or
e-mail info@ontimewebsites.com
now to discuss your requirements.


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