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Shopping Cart

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We at Ontime Website Solutions specialize in helping small to medium size businesses by offering affordable shopping cart packages that can help to get you trading online quickly with relatively low costs. The shopping cart we offer can run with various databases or can run in Comma Separated Value (CSV) mode and has the following features :-


  • 100% of the front-end is configurable
  • 100% of the web based administrator is configurable
  • Multi-level categories
  • Product downloads
  • Data import/export
  • Easy product options
  • Site layout editing
  • File uploads
  • Discounts
  • Order tracking
  • Keyword search
  • Flexible shipping
  • Web based admin
  • Customer accounts
  • UK VAT calculation

To trade online so that people can buy your goods and services you will also need :-

  • a hosting facility
  • a payment processor and internet merchant account

E-Commerce Package:-

We provide storefronts as part of our e-commerce package. We provide storefronts from £149 or £14.99 per month for 1 year. These storefronts can hold up to 20,000 products. There is a one off £69.99 installation fee. To qualify for this package you must host the store with us for 1 year. Hosting is an additional £139 per year or £13.99 per month. If you intend to hold more than 260 products in your store there is an additional cost of £90 which includes a MySQL Database to speed up your store. The normal hosting includes 2 email accounts, website statistics and many other extras.


Telephone 00356 2158 1320 or
e-mail info@ontimewebsites.com
now to discuss your requirements.


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