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Get a free 5 page website worth £350 from Ontime Websites. To qualify for this amazing offer all you have to do is buy the domain name from us at £19.99 and hosting and website optimisation for the first year at £19.99 per month and pay the initial set up fee of £9.99. Our policy is to build up a long term relationship with our clients and so at the end of the first year we aim to slash the cost of hosting to 9.99 per month. The hosting contains many exceptional features at no extra cost. Alternatively save money by making a one off payment of £249. See our Website Design Prices page

Of course for customers who would rather buy the website outright in order to have the choice of where they host the website during the first year the cost of the website is 350. For customers who choose this option we will include the domain name free of charge. We will also offer website optimisation and search engine submission for £120 and to host the site for only 9.99 per month.

To market your website and reach potential customers we will optimize your website so that search engines like "Google" will give your site a higher ranking. To increase the "hits" on your website still further we also offer further marketing advice and services that are guaranteed to get you even more "hits".

To order a website, simply choose whichever Website Design Style you like best from our website design style page and send us the text and images that you would like in your website. If you don't have any images we will find these for you at an additional cost of £10 per image. As part of our search engine optimisation service we will edit your text to help you to get a higher ranking in search engines which in turn generally generates more traffic to your site. Aim to include the main selling points of your product or service in your text. We will not publish your site until you are happy with it.

Orders can be taken online at our Online Store, but it is necessary to phone 01603-431148 first to discuss your requirements.


Telephone 00356 2158 1320 or
e-mail info@ontimewebsites.com
now to discuss your requirements.


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