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Website Design & E-Commerce Guarantee

Website Design Guarantee

Ontime Websites guarantees businesses satisfaction with their website or we will not ask for payment from the business. We will build a draft home page for your website to your requirements and then we will allow you to make any changes you desire to the home page to ensure that you are content with the content and style of your website. We are so confident that you will be content with the result that even at that stage you may cancel your order and you will not be charged a penny. This no charge guarantee applies to the time when you view the final home page. We will then build a draft version of the rest of your website and allow you to make changes to the draft. We will then build the final version. We will only ask for payment once we have showed you the final version and made any minor changes to it that you require.

E-Commerce Shopping Cart Guarantee

Ontime Websites guarantees businesses satisfaction with their new E-Commerce shopping cart or we will not charge the business for any of the work we have carried out. This guarantee applies up until and including the point in time when we finish building and testing your E-Commerce shopping cart. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the cart at that point in time then we will keep the cart and reserve our hosting services for another client.

At the risk of stating the obvious, please note we are not Payment Processors or a Bank and so we cannot act as a Payment Processor or set up an Internet Merchant Account for you, although we can advise you on this process. However any agreement you make with a Payment Processor or Bank is strictly outside of our E-Commerce shopping cart guarantee. Our guarantee refers to our services and our hosting and shopping cart software.


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