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Website Design Marketing

Go Search Engine Page Ranking should not be underestimated!...... Stop
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Website Design Marketing element of the Website Design Package

Our aim is to increase your sales by reaching both your existing and potential customers with an effective and professional website design. A good website is only part of the task because a good website that nobody can find will not bring in the new customers that we are looking for.

To market your website and reach potential customers we will optimize your website as part of the Website Design Package so that search engines like "Google" will give your site a higher ranking than it would otherwise have got. To do this we employ the following techniques :-

  • Website Optimisation
    • rich keyword text
    • the title tag
    • alt tags
    • headers
  • Website Design Submission to "Google"

More people search on "Google" than any other search engine and so it is almost essential that your website is listed by the "Google" search engine. We will submit your website to Google as part of our Website Design Package.

Generally, however, to really get your website to the top of the ranking pages and see sales boom, we advise that you've got to "speculate to accumulate".

To increase the "hits" on your website we offer further marketing advice and services that are guaranteed to get you even more "hits". This extra service is optional and as much or as little as you like can be spent on it.

Our advice to every business starting a website presence is to market it strongly initially to attract new customers and of course once you've got them by delivering a good service or product at a competitive price you are likely to keep them and word about your business is likely to spread. We believe that our initial free website should allow you to use some of your capital for marketing your site. Of course the decision is entirely yours.



Website Design Marketing Services

Regular Website Optimisation as listed above & Search Engine Submission £120.

Gold Website Optimisation and Search Engine and Directory Submission £150. This is recommended as your website will be submitted to many more engines and directories.

The quickest way to a first page position on "Google" is to run a "Pay Per Click" campaign. We will do this for you from £30. This allows you to concentrate on your business.


Telephone 00356 2158 1320 or
e-mail info@ontimewebsites.com
now to discuss your requirements.


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